Lusitanian is Portugal’s next-generation music publisher, with a largely one-stop catalogue bridging Portuguese folk music traditions as well as innovative sounds and 21st century musical projects. 

Lusitanian is part of the SCL group, featuring Folk, Pop, Rock from national Portuguese writers and composers as well as many sub-published catalogues represented exclusively for Portugal. 

SCL also includes the record labels Lusitanian, Shame Destroyer, Fading Ways, Mais 5 and European Phonographic. It is also the publisher and label home of the Lusitanian Ghosts artist collective. 

Company Name: Lusitanian
Location: Lisbon  Portugal
Name: Nuno Saraiva
Role: Director
Phone Number: +351 910 143 968
Name: João Sousa
Role: Creative Coordinator
Name: Marlene Marcedo
Role: Publishing Admin