Structure and Governance Independent By nature. co-operative by design.


IMPEL is publisher owned and publisher led. As a non-profit company limited by guarantee, its independent publisher members are integrated at every level of its governance and work closely with the executive team. Its structure allows for participation and transparency whilst at the same time ensuring the commercial flexibility needed to operation in a fast-moving landscape.

Not only represented on the board of directors, IMPEL members also participate in the Licensing Committee, the Operations Group and the Business Development Group, and publishers who may be competitors in other spheres work co-operatively together within IMPEL. This creates a culture of exchange and respect in which mutual interests can be advanced.

IMPEL members are experienced entrepreneurs, creators and managers, and they represent extremely diverse repertoire. This means that IMPEL can draw upon multiple strands of expertise and becomes a unique forum for co-operation. In this way, the whole of the organisation becomes greater than the sum of its parts.



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