Benefits Your strategic digital partner

Independents united. The power of combining forces.
  • Increased Bargaining Power: With a combined market share, IMPEL members have more leverage with DSPs than any individual publisher would have alone.

  • Multi-territory Licensing: License your digital mechanical rights across the EU with no fragmentation or income leakage.

  • Best-In-Class: The highest level of digital licensing services for independent music publishers.

  • Consolidated Accounting: Receive your digital mechanical income and publisher’s share of public performance income for multiple territories at the same time.

Member-owned. Member Controlled.
  • More value: As a non-profit, IMPEL is not driven by corporate interests. We are solely focused on serving the needs of our members, achieving maximum income and providing the highest-level of services.

  • Full control: Together, our members make decisions and set strategic objectives with opportunity for representation on the Board of Directors, Licensing Committee, Operations Group, and Business Development Group.

  • Unique Adaptable Structure: IMPEL members benefit from lower overhead and costs. By outsourcing to top administration partners and retaining flexibility to do direct deals, IMPEL can quickly adapt within the rapidly-evolving industry.

  • Combined Expertise: IMPEL members have the highest-level of experience in a breadth of areas in diverse markets. Through our structure and organisational culture, our combined expertise is harnessed for mutual benefit.

Perspective and Profile.
  • Resources, information and data: Newsletters, workshops, licensing bulletins and DSP presentations enable members to stay up to date on the evolving digital landscape.

  • Shared knowledge: Members share information when they find an unlicensed digital service or identify industry issues that could be addressed through IMPEL.

  • Enhanced status: Digital services know that by communicating with IMPEL they are communicating with multiple independents. This is valuable for their business and also enhances the access of IMPEL members to the sector.

Efficient and effective.
  • Multi-territory efficiencies: Licensing on a pan-territory basis avoids the additional commissions, delays, income leakage and errors that are endemic to a country-by country approach.

  • Better administration: IMPEL’s trusted administration partner SACEM delivers the highest-level of income, accuracy, and services. IMPEL members have use of cutting edge rights and royalty distribution tools that SACEM has developed through its partnership with IBM.

  • Faster payments: In most cases, members receive payments four times per year, and within 6 months of usage.

  • International co-operation: IMPEL is a member of the European Digital Steering Committee, a high-profile group of publishers and collection societies which promote and process the harmonisation and best practice in digital licensing.

Long-term vision.
  • Strategic Asset: Through active engagement with digital services and by garnering and analysing data, both individually and collectively, IMPEL harnesses knowledge for the benefit of their IMPEL’s businesses and their writers.

  • Geographic reach: With IMPEL covering the core territories of the EEA, members have the option to include additional territories into many licences, thus increasing revenue.

  • Global hubs: IMPEL is continually working to establish partnerships in new markets worldwide to empower members with new opportunities to license their repertoire, receive fasert and direct accounting. This allows members to be more educated learn about the licences, players and business models within these regions.

  • Advocacy: With strength in numbers and a mutual interest, IMPEL is a powerful voice within the industry. Together, IMPEL members advocate to elevate the role and art of the songwriter on digital services, and for rights holders to receive a fair share of the global digital income stream.