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About Us

IMPEL Collective Management Limited (‘IMPEL’) licenses and administers the digital rights of its publisher members’ Anglo-American repertoire for online activities on a multi-territory basis.

A collection of independent music publishers who have joined forces to increase their negotiating power in the digital market place, IMPEL is the only online licensing organisation that is owned by independent music publishers, operating for independent music publishers.

IMPEL’s collective rights management gives its members the ability to combine their repertoire and offer it on a multi-territory basis to major digital music service providers through a single rights manager.

The power of this collective force means IMPEL’s members are able to act from a position of strength in the digital marketplace, increasing income and the speed at which it is distributed, as well as reducing sub-publishing costs.

Our Mission

IMPEL’s mission is to be a strategic asset to its members within the digital sphere. To license its members’ repertoire efficiently, effectively and transparently; at the best rates and minimum cost. To offer pathways for licensing across the globe and to deliver knowledge and data to enrich our members’ businesses.

Our Values

Independence: As a self-funded collective of independent music publishers, independence is in IMPEL’s DNA. IMPEL is beholden to no-one. It thinks for itself and is accountable to itself.

Accountability: Our members are our priority. We are directly accountable to them in the way we run the business.

Transparency: We are committed to good governance and open communication with all our members.

Representativeness and engagement: The diversity of our members and licensed repertoire are huge assets to IMPEL. Wide member participation in the governance and the activities of the organisation drive our success.

Co-operation: This is a relationship business as much as it is a licensing business. Through good relationships between members, digital services and partners, we maximise our success.

Diligence: We will always ask ourselves “How can we do this better?”.