KangaRedd Music


KangaRedd Music is an independent record label, music distribution, and music publishing collective. Without major placements, KangaRedd Music has garnered more than 7,000,000 streaming units across the various worldwide music streaming platforms.

Starting out in 2009 as Top Flight Dynasty Ent., LLC with Redd da Killer Bee and Terika Adams as the flagship artists. Redd da Killer Bee released the "Confidence vs Arrogance" mixtape in the summer of 2010 and his debut album "Plain & Simple: Reprised" in December of the same year. Terika released remixes of various commercial songs before her own singles, "Country Lil Chick" and "huSTLe" respectively. Dom Ragland signed on in 2011 to release four separate R&B singles.

After restructuring the business from Top Flight Dynasty to KangaRedd, Redd da Killer Bee had went on a recording hiatus to focus on songwriting. Resurfacing in July 2014 with the "En Garde" EP, Redd da Killer Bee had also been working with a few singers and music producers, including Dria S and Dre Martie where the three of them collaborated to create "Make Me Say (Oooh Na Na Na Na)" and release via KangaRedd Music.

Redd da Killer Bee changed his stage name to Damian Redd and released "Birth By Sleep: Genesis of Damian Redd" in February 2018, which included production from Yonni (Missy Elliott, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne), DJ AlleyCatt III, and S. Jones. In 2021, Damian Redd released the promo Pop single "Change (Starts With Me)," signed the upcoming singer, Antonio Darris, and upcoming rap artist, Octavius Haye, in summer of 2022 to the KangaRedd Music imprint: Good Music Revival.

Top Songs:
Reddmatized by Redd da Killer Bee
Want It All by Redd da Killer Bee
Make Me Say (Oooh Na Na Na Na) by Dria S
Caught in a Fantasy by Damian Redd
Ambition by Damian Redd
Vodka & Coke (feat Damian Redd) by Terika Adams
Take It Off (feat Damian Redd) by Dom Ragland
Change (Starts With Me) by Damian Redd