Levantine Music


Levantine Music is a publisher that focus on bringing authentic music from the MENA region to the West, in deferent genres, including Arabic classical music to pop, hip hop, rock and even children’s music. 

Levantine represents top writers, composers and producers from Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, UAE and more. 
The roster includes artists like Tamer Nafar (DAM), Zuhair Francis, Kher Fodi (Wallaat), Deya Eleyyan, Lina Makoul, El Far3i, Mahmood Jrere, Amal Murkus, Hazy Noir and many more. 

Alongside mainstream publishing, Levantine Music is leading the Middle Eastern New Age genre with works for Yoga & Meditation with Middle Eastern elements, with Artists who generate millions of streams like Fanar, Nairuz, Abe Hathot and Sarab and more.

Sync in 2021 includes indie films & Documentaries like “Jacir”, “Prophets of Change”, “Breaking Bread”.