CTM Outlander

Outlander Fund and CTM BV have formed a strategic alliance to acquire music publishing and master rights. CTM OUTLANDER MUSIC LP has the ambition to invest a billion US Dollars over the next 5 years. We also plan to capitalize on Outlander’s intellectual property expertise and knowledge to gather the rights necessary for holographic performances and the issuance of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)—namely, rights to use songs and likenesses for these purposes.

Outlander Capital Management, LLC is a Dallas-based intellectual property fund targeting both music and patent royalty streams. One of its managing Principals, Les Ware, is the co-founder and chairman of Marconi, a multi-platform patent management firm that manages the licensing of tens of thousands of patents globally for dozens of Fortune 500 companies and other major IP holders around the world. Outlander will create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) representing legendary artists, iconic songs, and unforgettable musical moments. Although many NFTs are indistinguishable from content available freely online, we will differentiate our NFTs by backing them with provable legal rights in the song, the likeness of the artist, and/or in the footage used. By backing NFTs with legal rights, we grant the tokens a seal of authenticity similar to those issued directly by artists or professional organizations, such as the NBA. 

Outlander also plans to gather the rights necessary for holographic performances, including the right to use songs and likeness rights in such performances. Our Fund has close long term business relationships with the firms most likely to deliver easily-distributable holographic concert technology. We manage patents in this field and have a deep understanding of the technology as it will apply to both e-sports and music. Thus, we are well-positioned to provide a use-case for the technology which will provide additional revenue streams for our artist partners. 

Company Name: CTM Outlander LP
Location: Hilversum, Netherlands
Name: André de Raaf
Role: CEO
Email: andre.deraaff@ctm.nl
Phone Number: +31 35 6474040
Name: Jitze de Raaff
Email: jitze.deraaff@ctm.nl
Phone Number: +31 35 6474040