Rocking Gorillas


Rocking Gorillas Music is an independent music company based in São Paulo, Brasil. Our main focus is to ensure that our composers, writers and represented catalogues are fairly and properly compensated for their music. We want to be the best option for any independent artist or composer or catalogue owner who want to own their work, and receive professional, friendly, first-rate administration and promotion. We are members of the IMPF, The Independent Music Publishers Forum, and John Telfer, is on the Board.

Licensing: We work closely with advertising agencies and film production companies to seek the best opportunities for your repertoire either on TV, films, video games or commercials.

Neighbouring Rights: We provide a complete analysis of your recordings data to avoid registration gaps and maximize your earnings.

Publishing Administration: We register your songs all over the world and provide a transparent and efficient administration of your royalties, making sure you get paid for live concerts, television, digital and other usages.