NexTone is the only private-sector company in the music copyright administration business in Japan.

Established in 2000 upon the enforcement of the Japanese copyright management law and re-established in 2016 as a joint venture between e-License Inc. and Japan Rights Clearance Inc. As of March 2020, we are a publicly listed company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market.

Our mission is to provide alternative solutions for rights holders by way of flexible copyright management and licensing, transparent operations and processing, and equitable royalty collection and distribution. We believe strongly that data-driven technology is vital for the construction of an equitable and fair remuneration model which recognizes and values the work of creators in the digital environment.

At NexTone, we go beyond the boundaries of traditional copyright management by offering a wide array of services and tools for both rights holders and end users, a key attribute that embodies NexTone’s overarching philosophy: “Chosen by rights holders, trusted by users.”

NexTone not only manages copyrighted works entrusted to us by rights holders, but is also offering services combining management and promotion of use of copyrighted works and music content, in an integrated manner.

・We provide sound-source supply services for music distribution platforms in Japan and abroad.
・We serve as a bridge between the entertainment business and companies, coordinating usage promotion with a focus on music content.
・We provide practical agency services for music publishers.
・We are developing specialized systems for entertainment.

September 2021 - NexTone launches independent, artist-focused division “ArtLed” Headed up by Takahiko Kakiuchi, General Manager of Digital Marketing Division, ArtLed is driven by the principles of transparency and fairness. Focused on respecting artists' opinions and working collaboratively with them to realize their creativity.

Company Name: NexTone Inc.
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Name: International Division
Ph: +81 3 5766 8083