Wonderlous Music


Wonderlous is an independent boutique music publishing company providing professional music publishing representation and administration on behalf of select artists, songwriters, composers, and producers.  

Notable Writer:

Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley -  legendary house music and remix pioneer, artist, 4 x Grammy-nominated producer, songwriter, and DJ, has produced and/or written over 200 records, with at least 50 of them reaching the Billboard® Dance Charts, and dozens reaching the R&B and Pop Charts.  Silk lays claim to countless Platinum, Gold, and Silver records and is one of the fathers of Chicago house music

Notable works:

Ce Ce Peniston – “Keep on Walking”

Kym Sums – “Take My Advice”

Kym Sims – “Too Blind to See It”

J M Silk – “Jack Your Body”

J M Silm – “Music is the Key”