IMPEL renews its agreement with SACEM

Organisations extend administration deal, which also spans, technical and strategic matters

IMPEL has renewed its administration deal with French collection society Sacem. The partnership was first forged in 2018, when a newly independent IMPEL inked an unprecedented deal with Sacem for digital copyright management. IMPEL renewed its confidence in Sacem in 2020, extending the agreement by a further two years. This latest renewal goes further still, with the two organisations agreeing an extended partnership.
IMPEL is the international collective licensing agency representing digital music publishing rights. It is 100% owned and controlled by its members, which include respected independent publishers such as Bucks Music Group, Beggars Music, Reservoir Music, Kassner Music CTM, ABKCO, Truelove Music, Faber Music, Mute Song and many more. IMPEL has continued its trajectory of rapid growth since its last agreement with Sacem. It
has added numerous independent music publisher members from around the world including NexTone (Japan), Rocking Gorillas (Brazil), Amusica Songs Management (Israel), Lusitanian Music Publishing (Portugal), Levantine Music (Middle East and North Africa), AMG/MaDigital (West Africa) and Regard Music (US).
Today, IMPEL is made up of 50 individual publisher members across 12 territories worldwide.
The IMPEL membership represents a diverse collection of works recorded by many of the world’s biggest artists past and present including Ed Sheeran, Stormzy, Dua Lipa, David Bowie, Ray Charles, Rihanna, Beyonce, Calvin Harris, Elvis Presley and more. Thanks to the quality of Sacem’s services and powerful tools like its URights management platform, IMPEL members receive transparent access to cutting-edge data, in-depth analysis and fair, efficient remuneration, putting them in the diving seat of their digital business
around the world.

Founded in 1851, Sacem is a private, non-profit society owned by its members, the authors, composers and publishers of music. The society maximises revenues and service for creators and publishers, and today boasts 196,700 members and more than 50 international partners. Sacem remains the CMO leader worldwide for the eighth consecutive year.

Sarah Williams, IMPEL’s CEO said “IMPEL and Sacem have worked very hard on building an
effective partnership. It not only consists of the bare bones of digital licensing but extends to
a much deeper consultation on commercial, technical and strategic matters. We believe our
members’ interests are served by taking this relationship forward so that we can build even
further upon what we have achieved so far. Sacem has demonstrated that it supports our
vision and we value that commitment.

Cécile Rap-Veber, Sacem’s CEO, said "Since our first agreement in 2018, IMPEL has
continued to grow and now gathers around 50 renowned independent music publishers
across 12 territories. We are proud of this renewed recognition, which confirms our ability to
manage online publishing rights thanks to the expertise of our teams and of our powerful
digital tools. Reliability, speed, and a threefold increase in revenues were the promise we
made when we started our partnership. Goals achieved! Let's work now to build the best
future of the independent publishing ecosystem.